Dwarves are best known for their mining skills - but what's the use of all those jewels when only gold is accepted at pubs? Therefore - from time to time - dwarves abandon their mining equipment for a year, roll up their sleeves and try to get most money for their gems. And to get some tension - and keep trading interesting - some small bets and wagers are placed, for finding out who's the best gem trader among the dwarves!

In Dwarven Traders players try to get most profit from buying and selling different gems. Every action you make changes prices and creates new opportunities for other players, so you must have a really good plan for outwitting them all! With no randomness or hidden information it's not an easy task... but also for them!

Dwarven Traders is planned to be funded through Kickstarter @ 2017

Draft version of game board:

Draft version of trading card: